Want a healthy home? Don’t ignore damp in the bathroom

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POORLY ventilated bathrooms could be linked to a number of health problems so it is important to take action to minimise the effects of damp and mould.

The fact is that if condensation is becoming an issue or you spot black mould, then you can’t afford to ignore it.

Moulds such as Aspergillus are often present in environments where there is a lot of moisture, such as compost heaps, piles of rotting leaves, kitchens and bathrooms.

While the presence of such moulds at low levels is not a problem for most people, for those who have asthma or a compromised immune system, exposure to the Aspergillus mould can pose a threat.

According to the National Aspergillosis Centre in Manchester, that is because people with a healthy immune system are able to isolate and kill off the mould spores before these have a chance to spread through the body.

However, for those who have damaged lungs, the mould can lead to a condition called Aspergillosis which results in debilitating symptoms including wheezing and coughing. In certain cases, these symptoms can be severe.

Ventilation is the best solution

Houses have to breathe and, in order to remain healthy places to live, homes rely on a good circulation of air. Anything that stops air from circulating and moisture from escaping, causes a build-up of damp and therefore the mould that has been linked to various illnesses.

Of course bathrooms are naturally damp environments but that makes it even more important to think carefully about good ventilation.

Unfortunately, simply wiping away mould or using cleaning sprays is only ever a short-term solution.

Opening windows and installing an extractor fan are both advisable – although this can also result in heat loss and poor energy efficiency.

A mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system instead works by extracting warm, damp air from the home and drawing in fresh air from outside. The cool air is warmed using the energy from the warm air via a heat exchanger – without ever coming into direct contact with the stale, damp air taken from the bathroom.

Not only is this an energy efficient way to heat the home, but it’s also great for ensuring bathrooms remain healthy and well ventilated.

For more information about mechanical ventilation systems, contact 01782 756995 or click here to request a call back.




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